Salesforce Data Cloud Roadmap

While a lot of emphasis was placed on Einstein GPT at this week’s TrailblazerDX ’23, it was nice to see a number of core updates being delivered for Data Cloud with the Winter and Summer ’23 releases. The picture of Data Cloud as the lynchpin in Salesforce’s data strategy came more into focus. At Dreamforce… Continue reading Salesforce Data Cloud Roadmap

Einstein GPT Announced at TrailblazerDX ’23

Einstein GPT was just announced at Trailblazer DX ’23. Yes, Salesforce has jumped on the generative AI train with “The world’s first generative AI for CRM.” Einstein GPT as presented in the keynote demo is a helpful assistant that composes emails, completes tasks, builds websites, and writes code for apps across the Customer 360 platform.… Continue reading Einstein GPT Announced at TrailblazerDX ’23

Salesforce Data Cloud: Features & Functions

So, what are the key features and functions of the customer data platform? There has been a lot of discussion about everything the Salesforce Data Cloud can do. However, at it’s core the data cloud enables you to perform data ingestion, harmonization, unification, calculations, insights, and segmentation in order to perform action relating to your… Continue reading Salesforce Data Cloud: Features & Functions

Get Your Kicks

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Why They Called it the Manhattan Project

I stumbled on this New York Times article that describes just how Manhattan centric the origins of the Manhattan Project actually were. Manhattan was central… because it had everything: lots of military units, piers for the import of precious ores, top physicists who had fled Europe and ranks of workers eager to aid the war effort. It… Continue reading Why They Called it the Manhattan Project

Don Draper at the Lenox Lounge

“When we meet Don Draper, he is sitting alone in an upholstered booth at a smoke-filled, Art Deco-appointed nightclub, sipping an old-fashioned from a rocks glass and scribbling ideas for the Lucky Strike cigarettes account on a cocktail napkin.” –Mad Men’s Manhattan: The Insider’s Guide The actual location is the Lenox Lounge, just up the street,… Continue reading Don Draper at the Lenox Lounge

Flowers on Park Avenue

Please enjoy this picture while I take some time off from blogging to do real work. These new flowers recently installed on Park Avenue contrast nicely with the snowy cityscape. Winter will end one of these days. Have faith!