Don Draper at the Lenox Lounge

“When we meet Don Draper, he is sitting alone in an upholstered booth at a smoke-filled, Art Deco-appointed nightclub, sipping an old-fashioned from a rocks glass and scribbling ideas for the Lucky Strike cigarettes account on a cocktail napkin.” –Mad Men’s Manhattan: The Insider’s Guide

The actual location is the Lenox Lounge, just up the street, which always seems to stay the same despite the fact that everything around it is changing at a furious pace — just like most of Harlem these days.

Thanks for the intel Josh. I enjoyed our drink there last week.

UPDATE: The Lenox Lounge recently closed, but is moving up to 127th Street. A new Jazz club called the Notar Jazz Club is scheduled to open in the old location. Read the interesting back story.