Dreamforce + The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Over the past year, I helped The Michael J. Fox Foundation move core business operation and data systems from a legacy CRM to a modern CRM architecture. It was quite an experience, not unlike rebuilding an airplane in mid-flight, but ultimately the transition went smoothly with minimal impact on business operations despite the complexity of the project and the number of internal and external teams involved.

At Dreamforce, I presented on how we accomplished this and the impact we have seen across our Sales, Marketing, and Service departments since making the move. Thanks to the folks at Yurgosky and Rallybound for snapping a few shots during the presentation. It was fun to see the talk picked up on social media and in the news. Looking forward to next year!


The benefits of the new CRM have already been seen with the efficiency of our year-end, and significant cost savings from the elimination of unneeded technology platforms. I expect that the advantages will be even more fully realized in 2018, as we collaborate with teams across the Foundation to continue optimizing their business processes.