I help organizations and teams solve complex challenges by developing strategic plans to improve human experiences with better business processes, technology systems, and data management practices. I enjoy experimenting with the latest technologies, creating order out of chaos, and leaving things better than when I found them.

In my recent role as a Business Strategy Architect with Atrium, I improved customer experiences and business outcomes for my clients by developing multi-cloud solutions that manage customer data and enable AI based predictions, recommendations, and actions. My team and I built solutions using Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake, AWS, Google, and other leading engagement and data platforms. I’ve also led consulting and client teams to deliver enterprise solutions for financial services, education, and nonprofit clients at Appirio (acquired by Wipro).

Prior to jumping into the wild world of consulting, I managed teams delivering strategic marketing, CRM, and data initiatives for the The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

My interests include: Business Strategy, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Information System Design, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Business Analytics.

Email me at adam@marketanomaly.com